Remote Shooting with Peter Yang!

Over the past three months, Peter has been diligently working on solving a problem: How can we shoot again without all of the limitations and barriers created by COVID?  Not just shooting his family in his own home, but to get results as good as he was able to get before COVID, and while keeping everyone safe?  It is somewhat technical, but he has now done several shoots where he has sent cleaned lighting and gear to locations on both coasts, scouted remotely, worked with the talent to set up the lights and camera, and then directed and shot the images either from a long cord outside of the location, or from his office computer through Capture One. 

We are very excited and proud of the progress Peter has made with this approach. While we know some states are opening up and smaller productions are taking place, this is a great solution for shoots that need to happen across the world while travel remains limited, photographing people with existing health conditions, or for those who want to ensure the highest safety standards are met on their productions. 

You can read about his process ans see images from his remote shooting tests here!