DSREPS / Laurie Frankel
villas in italy travel photography
herd of sheep landscape italy
stone villas travel photography italy
italian man posing inside old stone building italy travel
woman in chef outfit handling cooking pasta
man pouring olive oil into barrels travel photography italy
man kissing woman on cheek embrace italian travel photography
marble table with wine and biscotti still life food photography
female beekeeper italy honey travel photography
female beekeeper italy honey travel photography
pasta being made abstract photography travel italy
field with tractor marks italy travel photography
woman sitting under portrait italy
wall of photos in rustic home
plate of prawns with asparagus olive oil italian food photography
woman kneading dough italian food photography
duck hanging in window
woman in industrial kitchen italy travel photography
group sorting fish italian travel photography
plate of food sitting by fire cooking italian food photography
italian woman stringing red peppers
family in kitchen baby girl kissing mom grandmother cooking italian travel photography tech
anchovies drying on cheesecloth food photography italy travel
boys riding in produce basket italy kids
spoon fulls of pasta and ingredients food photography italy travel
woman chopping meat italy cooking travel photogarphy
girl on horseback travel photography
still life of mushrooms with leaves truffel food photography italy travel
rustic interior italian home travel photography
family in italian kitchen girl on phone tech
plate of cucumbers food photography italian food
woman sitting on couch in rustic italian travel photography
plate of salad with wine by window italian travel photography
man machinery italy
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