DSREPS / Laurie Frankel
hand pouring tea into small glass product drink still life photography
food still life zucchini squash on table
folds of homemade pasta food still life photography
painterly still life food drink fruit pastry on table
teas herbs shot from above product still life drink
wedges of cheese on tree bark planks
chocolate and biscotti with coffee cup drink still life photography
dinner hands eating food tacos salad
fish bones food photography still life
bowls of  vegetables  still life
homemade pasta sifting flower food cooking photography
stack of chunks of chocolate food photography
charred green peppers and garlic food photography
slice of red onion food
mushroom truffle still life food photography
still life of fruit on wooden bowls
bowl of fruit still life food photography
still life of purple artichokes
hens roasted with garlic and herbs food photography
product shot tea maker still life clean modern
lemon wedge with herbs head of romaine with blue cheese salad
dried tomato with charred herbs
sliced garlic from above
garlic peels food photography still life
orange pears jam pouring on white food photography
dessert gelatin yellow lemons dessert
flower close up still life food ingredients photography
green garlic on white plate dessert on cake stand food photography
cavier pouring out of cup food photography
bowl of white soup still life food photography
sardines on metal plate food photography
potato chips in bowl food photography
grapefruit with chunky sea salt citrus food photography
flower on white linen still life ingredients
popsicles melting in sink dessert food photoraphy
plate of fish and vegetables clean modern food photography
still life of noodles and sponge sprouts on white food photography
close up of white icing spread food photography
olive oil dripping on ice cream food photography
bowls of panna cotta dessert food photography
bowl of ice cream on white dessert food photography
cookie dough on spoon
chocolate cookie next to cup of milk on napkin
stack of pine nut cookies sweets dessert still life photography
cake with dried fruits dessert food photography
strawberry shortcake dessert food photography
stack of ice cream cookie sandwiches on plate dessert still life photography
chocolate covered gummy stack dessert food photography
milk pouring into glass on white high-speed photography
photographed from above bowls of cereal pattern food photography
breakfast table setting bowl of cereal milk
bowl of cereal shot from above breakfast food photography
chocolate truffles from above on white food photographer
sweets desserts pastries photographed from above
oysters on ice shellfish food photographer
sea urchin with water drops from above exotic food photography
spirals of zucchini
bowl of fruit in bowl dessert cookie
spirals of zucchini
milk and white noodles photographed from above clean food photography
white noodles photographed on white clean food photography
dried white noodles on white food photography
dried white noodles on white food photography
dried white ramen noodles on white food photography
bricks of cheese stacked food photography still life studio
healthy green salad with citrus and nuts food photography savory still life
close up of meat and cheese on bread food photography
white fish plated with berries and herbs food photography
salad with fork food photography
crispy pastry on plate food photography
white chocolate piece with wrapper food dessert photography sweets
slice of cake with fruit still life dessert food photography
cookies with berries and cup of milk dessert sweets food photography
bread pudding serving dessert sweets food photography
jelly doughnuts with red background dessert food photography
merengue cake with fruit white still life food photography dessert
roll cake with jam cranberries holiday meal food photography
bowl of lemon and pastries floral arrangement
utensils hanging in kitchen with wines and vinegars
plate with peeled lime still life food photography
homemade pasta in hands food photography ingredients