DSREPS / Jeff Minton
full moon in night sky
blue green field landscape
wet leaves and grass close up  detail
trees forest green blue flare
mountain landscape snow dusk
field with dried wheat
aerial view of street and homes
view from underneath highway
burnt truck rusted metal
banister leading into water
cranes over trees color
palm trees long road urban landscape
leather chair in library interior
barrels in rows
open window with flowers
corner cement walls
aerial view landscape
stone wall with flowers
row of red chairs in theater
mantel with photos and gold framed painting
interior of shop with black and white photos of girls on the wall
yellow chair in retro room curtains interiors
aerial view of street with grass and flowers
aerial view of pedestrians walking on city street
interior of factory workplace industrial
clothes pins hanging in a row
aerial photo of people with lawnmowers
wooden fence in backyard
wall with red box in snow industrial parking lot
aerial view of broken wood crates
aerial photograph of forest trees green
barbecue up in flames
brown mud river landscape
highway at night with moon urban landscape
stone path fallen tree
empty bleachers
the end of a road before the ocean landscape beach