I was born and raised in San Francisco, in the Haight Ashbury to be exact. I picked up my first camera in high school and never put it down. After the SF earthquake of ’89, I walked around with my Nikomat and documented people and listened to their stories. My obsession with photo journalism led me to UCLA where I shot and edited for UCLA’s Daily Bruin and studied all forms of art. I incorporated photography into every art project I did, expressing myself through images. As art students, we were warned by our advisors to find other ways to make money if we didn’t want to “live off of Top Ramen” This was enough to encourage me to look into commercial photography, specifically food photography. After assisting in a food photographer’s studio, I met talented food stylists who asked me to collaborate with them on cookbook projects. This took me for a cookbook ride and I have shot over 100 cookbooks to date. Shooting food has taught me how to look at objects and make them come to life with light. There is a moment when food reveals its optimum appetite appeal. Like food, all products have their sweet spot and finding that spot is what I challenge myself to do with everything that I shoot. Bringing out texture and personality in an inanimate object truly inspires me. I also really enjoy a bit of humor and imperfection in life and I like to incorporate this into my work. Having two young boys at home helps me channel my youth and brings out my playful side.