We moved to the country a year and a half ago to a small family homestead on the Central Coast of California, about 3 hours North of LA.

The property and house were in terrible shape and we have been slowly putting it back together while learning to do it all ourselves. We have had a crash course in everything from growing our own food to castrating baby lambs. It is an adventure, to say the least. Our property has a ton of great opportunity for shooting here; we have a home that we are constantly working on, a garden we are always in, sheep, chickens, dirt bikes, a pool, a beautiful old barn, a tiny house that serves as a guest house, an airstream a friend gave us that needs an overhaul, tractors, tools, and all the things you can imagine a family ranch would have. We are not experts in this lifestyle by any means, but we are learning as a family...with lots of help from YouTube.