Lifestyle photographer, Augustus Butera, began defining his visual style at seventeen while visiting Italy for the first time. In Rome, he discovered his love of light, color, and space thru the lens of his Pentax Me Super

Although he graduated from Penn State majoring in Communications, he soon moved to New York City to take an unpaid internship with a very old school fashion photographer. After a year of cleaning up cigarette butts and mopping floors for no money, he then started assisting while waiting tables. Three years into this, his first big break came through a friend who worked at a children's fashion company. Shooting non-stop with them for 5 months, he had enough images to start pounding the pavement looking for an agent and getting editorial work along the way. 

Since then he has honed his photography style, drawing on his fresh perspective on life. This has resulted in a unique body of work that is believable and authentic, which has proven to always be in demand. He has gained award recognition from Communication Arts, SPD and Photo District News to name a few. 

He has photographed popular campaigns for such leading brands as Microsoft, Samsung, Ikea, Mastercard, American Airlines, Best Buy, State Farm, Lockheed, GSK, Pfizer, Verizon, ATT, Chase, Proctor and Gamble, Volkswagen, Tropicana, Botox, Iams, Ameriprise, Menactra, Advair, Hyatt, Target, Johnson & Johnson, Bank of America and Disney.